CV 2013

Fernando Gabriel Yache
Animation Artist

Education: 1989-1994: Fernando Fader: High School. Publicity Technician degree.

Seminars and workshops: 1993-1996: Private art classes.
                                             1996-1998: Life drawing workshops.

Worldwide Working Experience:  Argentina, USA, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Korea, France, Switzerland, Israel and London.

Professional Experience:

  2013 : Freelance story artist
             and character animator for KeyFrameStudio, project : BBC Ireland shorts.

  2012: Freelance storyboards for Creative House and Snowball VFX,
            Freelance story artist for Vanilla Films UK, Butlin’s commercial
            Freelance story artist for KeyFrameStudio, project : BBC Ireland shorts.
 2010-2012:  Senior story artist for Animation Lab, Jerusalem, PLANTS movie.

 2009:  Story Artist for Animation Lab, Jerusalem, PLANTS movie.
                           Development of personal project “ Telenovela Animada” copyright FGY
             Storyboard artist and BG designer for “The Green Movie” for the Israeli     
 2008: Storyboard artist for Tale City Productions
             First reel for “Tale Keepers” movie

 2006-2007: Concept Development for 3D rides for Gadget Studio.
            Storyboard Artist for “Vipo” TV show (Germany)
            3D Maya animator for Crew 972, project “Bratz“DVD and Vipo series
            for Vipoland ( Germany)                                  
            Freelancer Storyboard artist for BFTV’s “Numbers around the World”   
            and Gravity’s “Gemma” series.

2005: Pil Animation: Flash shorts animation and storyboards.
           Gadget-Mc: freelance artist: Conceptual designer and supervisor for “City
           Of David” and storyboard artist for “The Human Experience ride”
           And different 3D projects.       
           Freelance storyboards for Snowball: “Vipo” TV show. (Germany)

2003-2004: Pil Animation (Israel) Storyboard Supervisor for Hip Hop and Hamilton (DPSI) Baby and Jammers.

2003-2004: Gadget Studio (Israel) Storyboard Supervisor, designer and direction.

2002: PlanetNemo productions (Paris) Freelance artist for animated projects.

2000-2001: Graphics and Animation Storyboard artist and clean up storyboard artist for: “Karlsson on the Roof”, “Adventures”, “WinnieToons” and “Junior TV show”. (Shenzhen, China)

1999-2000: Full Action Ltd Overseas Animation Supervisor for European productions. (Hong Kong- China)

1999: Freelance artist for Cavin Cooper Entertainment Inc (USA)

1998: Penciler for Hanna Barbera’s “The Flintstones” and “The Jetsons” (Argentina)

1996-1998: Patagonik Film Group and Buena Vista international (Argentina)
Animator, Animation assistant and inker for “My cartoon family” seasons 1 to 3 “Dibu, TV show”, ”Dibu”, the movie and “Dibu 2: Nasty’s Revenge”

1997: Scripts development and scribbles for Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comic books for Egmont Color Creation. (Argentina)

1996-1997: Freelance artist for TV animated commercials. (Argentina)

Languages: Spanish, English, Hebrew

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